Talking Head Games

With a collection of broadcast misfits including a spacy idealist, a prosperity pitchman, an aspiring news anchor and a cult guru with a fondness for explosives, David and Karen struggle to keep their weekly talk show, Self Help Television, on the air.

Episode 1


David and Karen are at the helm for what proves to be a typically unpredictable episode of their show.


Episode 2


When he discovers that their parent company is considering cancelling the show due to low revenue, David decides to take matters into his own hands.


Episode 3


Everyone is skeptical about prospects for the future when they learn that David is planning on taking over marketing duties for the show.


Episode 4

Battlefield Promotion

Karen finds herself unexpectedly in the director's chair when David disappears to search for advertising clients.


Episode 5

The Show Must Go On

Dodging questions from their producer about the adventures of previous episodes and the whereabouts of their missing director, Karen continues to fill in for David.


Episode 6

Deep Sand

The cast has misgivings about the reputation of their new sponsor as well as David's plans to include promotional spots as a part of the show.


Episode 7


When advertising revenue isn't enough to keep the show on the air, David decides to try a new approach to raising money.


Episode 8

Let's Blow Something Up

Lava Man stars in a new segment designed to raise money by blowing up various objects sent in by viewers.


Episode 9


Everyone is taken aback when they learn that one of the most substantial sources of revenue turns out to be unsolicited viewer donations.


Episode 10


Karen is surprised by the news that the show is nowhere near meeting their revenue goals but even more shocked by David's complete lack of concern.

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